History of our ranch

our philosophy

We are a family owned and operated cattle ranch in rural Havana, Kansas. Members of the Clubine family have lived and worked on this land since 1939. Our branch of the family moved here in 2003. We live at the ranch with our two sons.

Honor GOD and Family
A few years ago we decided to look for a new  direction to take our family ranch. Our first action was to bow our heads before God and ask for guidance.

He showed us the direction he wanted our lives to follow.

Instead of selling our calves to large feed lots,  we  raise our animals in an all natural way and sell the meat directly to our local customers.




Today three generations of our family work and live on the ranch. We raise a variety of cattle breeds as well as beefalo and buffalo.  Our meat is sold at our store on the ranch as well as the Gunny Sack in Caney, Kansas and seasonally at the farmers market in Independence, Kansas.